"Life is like playing the violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes on."      - Samuel Butler

What to Expect with Private Lessons

* One-teacher to one-student lessons tailored to the student’s learning pace and needs.  Sessions are available in 30 minute, 45 minute, and 1 hour durations.  Call us for session rates.

* There are no registration fees, and we do not auto bill and do not ask for a last month deposit.

*Make up lessons are always available 

* Special  lessons available for accomplished musicians who need to work on specific techniques.

* These teachers teach for a living, not as a hobby. 

* Low pressure, optional performance and recitals are offered each month. 

*Weekly written lesson plans are kept so parents can see assignments.

Here's a private viola lesson in progress at The Musik Planet...

Use the drop down list below to purchase lessons in single, one month, or three and six month increments.  And if you are purchasing a gift certificate just let us know in the description and we will send you a nice certificate too!

Lesson Options at The Musik Planet

Many academics agree that learning and listening to music is highly advantageous for children, regardless of what age. Stories of lullaby's to assist with sleeping, quick tempo music played at parties motivate movement etc. 
It seems it is not only children that benefit from music but any adult. Patriotic music at conventions and sport games boost teams and moral, romantic music in films and TV programs help to generate the ambience as well. It seems that music has the power to change our mood and affect us in many ways. 

Regarding children's development, research shows that listening to music creates neural connections in the brain. These neural connections are believed to increase our intelligence. Research has also shown the connection between maths and music. Many mathematicians are also musically talented. 

Learning any musical instrument, a child is growing intellectually whilst having fun and enjoying themselves. Some parents give up on music lessons because at the time the child isn't interested however, it maybe that there are interested to start at a later time. Learning an instrument with your child is also beneficial. It will bring you closer together and strengthen bonds with your children. 

With young children, classical music is often seen as the most beneficial. It soothes and educates. Many people play classical music to their children before the child is even born as evidence shows the baby can hear and listen to what is being played in the environment. Children's songs and singing to your child is also beneficial. The effects of music on children are much more powerful than for an adult. Children are in their formative years, and therefore whatever music your child is exposed to has a much more profound result. Research undertaken about the development effects of music shows that music can help you think better. Research has concluded that music trains the brain for more complex forms of thinking. In the 1980s, a study at the University of California assessed the progress of 3 and 4 year olds. Split into 2 groups, one group was exposed to music and had training in music, whilst the other group had no training or exposure. Almost a year later, the group exposed to music were much better at solving puzzles. They scored significantly higher in intelligence tests than the non musical group. 

With school aged children, music is taught in school but only to limited levels. It is best to ensure that all types of music is apparent, both classical, pop, jazz; anything that they enjoy and you should see the signs of what genres they enjoy. Children also love to play instruments by ear. It helps audio training and strengthens memory development. The effects of instrumental music on children, as exemplified in classical music has been under much study. Documented studies from the 1930s, shows the effects of music on children. One of the better known of these studies was the Mozart Effect. Revealed in 1993, it was a study on the effect of listening to music that resulted in better exam scores. Other researchers, such as Davidson and Powell, showed the beneficial effects of background music in classrooms. 

You need to provide many outlets for the children to decide what sort of music they enjoy within their environment and they will be able to see how beneficial it is to their development. Go to concerts together, even if the style of music is not your favorite. 

Ultimately, music gives your child the opportunity to meet others, develop personally, create taste and judgment not including the intellectual benefits.


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