Successful Songwriting

by Dave Pearson

Great music never dies; it only grows stronger. Just as Mozart and Beethoven have changed the history of classical music, the Beatles have chiseled their signature on the foundation of rock and roll. The Beatles are the most influential rock group to ever walk the planet. It is amazing how popular The Beatles still are over forty years after they separated. One of the reasons why they are still relevant today is due to the fact that they were excellent songwriters.  They put their heart and soul into every song they wrote; they have songs for every mood, good bad happy or sad.

I think that aspiring songwriters should always remember and take into consideration that a song could change the world forever. You can express your self in an influential and positive way through the art of songwriting. Songwriting is an excellent way to connect with others and let them know what you are feeling. In addition, it can be extremely rewarding, especially when you get positive feedback from others. The Beatles music still stands out today because it was truly and honestly great music, their songs are dear to so many people’s hearts. Their songs are great examples of what all songwriters want to accomplish, as a songwriter I would love for my songs to connect with people on such a deep level and withstand the test of time.

The Beatles are a great inspiration for aspiring songwriters. If you are interested in writing great songs, I suggest you listen to and study The Beatles music. Their fluid cord changes, catchy melodies and tight harmonies are excellent things to pay attention to while listening.  

I highly recommend attending The Musik Planet’s Song Writing Workshop if you want to improve your songwriting skills.  Who knows, maybe you can start writing songs like Lennon and McCartney.