I made this loop while I was inspired after having watched little living things march to music. I had this image of dancing little lights, 'kinda like the Disneyland parade with instruments.

This is an 8 bar loop that I created to represent aspects of instruments as male and female counterparts. There are a total of ten tracks and one initiated patch with portamento. This was an attempt to describe the feeling of sparks flying between two people when they first meet.

Norberto wanted to make a short video hoping to help out people who have just bought a juno-g and want to use the song recorder but don't know that you have to be using the specially designed  preset template 002.    

This is a little project that I did for school. I did all of the midi sequencing using the Roland Juno-G which got imported into cakewalk's Sonar producer 8. I mangled with it on Sonar and manipulated it with different soft synths... The most time consuming part was that I had to do a lot of video and sound editing in order to keep the original voices. Its not the usual approach but I did it and it took forever. The music didn't take long to do - that was the fun part about it. There were three different versions of this trailer.  What you hear in the end of the video is the music of one of those other three versions. I used a Buchla 200 series modular synthesizer that they have on campus for some sounds. It was a learning process since I had about a week to do it. I hope that people enjoy the new music.