Danilo teaches guitar and percussion. He has been studying and performing music for over 10 years. Danilo has been playing guitar and drums for many groups ranging from pop to punk since his pre-teen years. While in high school drum line, he regularly performed at Disneyland and has even played drums in several commercials. In college, he played in the R.C.C classical guitar ensemble and sat first chair for two semesters. He has been teaching since a young age, taking his first teaching jobs while still in high school and studying at the Musik Planet, before joining the Musik Planet team as a student-instructor during his senior year.  In addition to teaching guitar and drums at the Musik Planet, Danilo is also the percussion instructor at March Middle School where he directs the drum line, and serves as concert percussion and marching instructor for the March Middle School marching band. He recently received an AA in Music from R.C.C. and is planning to pursue further education so he can eventually teach at high school or even college level. Previous instructors include Peter Curtis, Jodie Fischer, Bruno Cilloniz, and Matt Gangnier. Danilo enjoys all guitar based music including pop, most genres of rock, jazz and classical. He even likes a little punk and heavy metal now and then. 

“In learning music, I emphasize efficient body posture and awareness of micro-movement as well as study of how music theory is applied in modern and classical styles of music. Learning to master many different techniques and mastering fundamentals are the keys to being a successful musician, no matter what style you play.”

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