Composition Class Syllabus

Read Thoughts on Successful Songwriting by Dave Pearson, past Cal Baptist Riverside Intern at The Musik Planet

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Each section is intended to be two months long.

Part 1

Fundamentals of Music Theory

*Notes, Clefs, Intervals, Scale Degrees, Rhythm and compound meters, Key Signatures

major and minor through of fifths and fourths, 7th chords.

Part 2

Diatonic Harmony, Using major and Minor

Introduction to Harmonic Progressions,

Harmonic composition in Root position and inversions.

Part 3

Arpeggios and Alberti Bass

Harmonic composition using 7th chords,

Homophonic Music

Part 4

Chord Substitution, Using Sub-Dominant Relationships, Borrowed Chords

Continued Harmonic composition

Introduction to counter point

Part 5

Polyphonic music

Introduction to three and four part writing

Introduction to musical motives in part writing

Introduction to chorale music

Part 6

Shaping Melody- Melodic Phrasing

Introduction to form and structure

Song Form and Structure


Part 7

Introduction to orchestration

Introduction to instrumentation

Continued study and practice on 4 part writing.

Introduction to Sonata Form